We Can Buy Your Property or Part of It

How We Work

If you are the owner of a joint tenancy of a property or you are pending to accept an inheritance or a joint tenancy and you do not wish to remain in that situation, you can sell your joint tenancy in order to:

  • Avoid uncomfortable family conflicts.
  • Collect the price of your joint tenancy quickly.
  • Not have to continue sharing the property with the other owners.
  • Stop paying the expenses inherent to the property that you do not use, such as community expenses, taxes (Ibi, garbage tax...), water, electricity, gas, etc...

If you are thinking of selling your property joint ownership, you should know that it is perfectly legal and that we will buy it from you with payment by nominative bank check and before a notary within 48 hours from the acceptance of the offer. In case you want to sell your joint ownership, we will need a series of data and information about the property, which we will request by telephone. Once we have reviewed all the documentation provided, we will make you an offer that does not imply any commitment of acceptance on your part.

The price offered will depend on numerous variables such as location, surface area, number of co-owners, percentage of ownership, mortgages, state of the property, occupancy... Within 24 hours after you send us all the documentation, we will communicate the offer to you. In addition, if you accept our offer, we will bear the costs associated with the sale and purchase, such as notary fees, taxes and land registry, except for the municipal surplus value that will be paid by the seller in cases where it is applicable.

You can sell your joint-ownership share without the rest of the co-owners and without even communicating it to them or having any communication with the rest of the co-owners. We will always treat your details with the utmost discretion, rigor, and professionalism, and unless you so wish, we will not contact the other owners to inform them of the sale of the property until a few weeks after the deed of sale, and from that moment on we will be the only interlocutors to try to solve the problems with the other owners.


Start valuing your situation with our help, knowing the market price of your property, of which we will provide you with an estimate in 24 hours if you provide us with the address of the property, surface, and percentage that belongs to you. In another 48 hours, if we have all the documentation, we can be signing at the Notary's office. We buy your joint ownership at the best price and in the best conditions.

The sale of a joint ownership, due to its special characteristic of sharing the same property with other co-owners, involves a series of legal, technical, and economic aspects that require the intervention of professional experts to guarantee the best conditions.


The valuation, carried out by an expert, can be associated with high costs and cost several thousand euros. In order for you to get a first overview, an online property valuation is excellent. With this online valuation, you get an important first clue so that you can plan your further course of action.

Another advantage of the online real estate valuation is the immediate availability. Immediately after entering the necessary data, you can view the estimated value. You will be granted access to the online valuation at any time. You can perform the valuation at any time. In some cases, you may even receive an online real estate appraisal free of charge.